Publishing Fees

Publication Fees


1. International Authors: For 10-page manuscript: 100 USD (not refunded) should be paid with the first submission step. It covers the processing fees also. It, also, requires an additional of 15 USD per page for each extra pages.

2. For  local (Iraqi academics) authors,
a. For 10-page manuscript: The processing fees: 50000 Iraqi Dinars (ID) (not refunded).
b. For the finally accepted manuscript, the author (s) must pay an additional of:

  •  25000 ID if the author is Lecturer.
  •  45000 ID if the author is Assistant Professor.
  •  65000 ID if the author is Professor.
  •  All local authors must pay an additional of 25000 ID per page for each extra pages.

3. Authors must fill in a submission form for Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences which ensures that the manuscript is not      published or submitted to another journal at the same time.

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