Publishing Instructions

Instructions for Authors

1. DJES concerns with the publication of the engineering original manuscripts: research papers, scientific notes and articles in English language. The journal is issued four times a year. Every issue contains twelve articles.

2. One CD contains the manuscript is also required in addition to paying 50 thousands Iraqi dinars as a submission fee.

3. All manuscripts are subjected to blind peer review by three qualified reviewers before acceptance for publication.

4.Manuscripts should be in English language only. Abstract should not exceed 200words. Manuscript should not exceed 15 pages of A4. 2.5 thousands Iraqi Dinar should be additionally paid for any additional page.

5.Filling the special submission form for DJES, which ensures that the manuscript is not published or submitted to another journal at the same time.

6- In the case of acceptance, the author is required to pay (the amount of 25 thousand Iraqi dinars if the author is lecturer) or (the amount of 45 thousand Iraqi dinars if the author is Assit. Prof.) or (the amount of 65 thousand dinars if the author is Prof.).

7. Accepted manuscripts will become the property of DJES.

8. Manuscripts are only acceptable after payment of fees mentioned above by the author(s) whose name(s), affiliation(s) and e-mail(s) appear in the manuscript. The date of submission and the date of acceptance will also appear on the accepted manuscript.

9.Telling the author when the manuscript is not accepted for publication without returning the amount of 50 thousand Iraqi dinars which is considered as the fees of submission and revesion.

10-Please care for the following documents:

a) Submission form.

b) Revision form.

c) Acceptance letter.

d) Rejection letter.

e) Writing template.


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