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Publication Instructions in Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences (DJES)

Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences is a scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Diyala and aims to publish engineering researches in English. During the year, four issues are published. Each issue contains twelve articles within the following specifications:

1. The article should be exclusively in the field of engineering.

2. The article should be genuine or valuable and participate in contributing to solve a problem or part of the problem of a clear and specific engineering scientific subject.

3. The article should not be submitted for publication or already published in another scientific journal, and it has not been applied for more than three years

4. DJES considers similarity allowed up to 25% if the author  does not edit, DJES will reject the article and it will refuse to deal with the author in the future.

5. The article is presented in three copies written exclusively in English on white A4 paper + CD, with 1.5 lines. The amount of (50000) fifty thousand Iraqi dinars is paid as a non-refundable assessment fee. Article can also be submitted electronically through the Open Journal System .

6. The article should be reviewed by three secret specialists with a maximum of 60 days. The reviewers usually are nominated by a member of the editorial board with the same research specialty after being officially assigned by the editor. Note that the director has the right to reject the research without sending it to reviewers in the case of non-compliance with the policy of DJES in terms of organizational or scientific reasons.

7. The researcher is obliged to make the required amendments by the reviewers. If the researcher objects to the amendments of the reviewers, the objection may be written on a separate paper that will be returned to the reviewers.

8. In the case of acceptance, the researcher presents one revised copy to be given to the language editor of DJES and then submitted to one of the scientific reviewers for final acceptance decision.

9. After the completion of the scientific and linguistic reviewing, the researcher will be notified about acceptance through an official letter of acceptance specifying the date, volume and number of publication after completion of the payment of the remaining amount (25 thousand Iraqi dinars if the researcher is a lecturer, or 45 thousand Iraqi dinars if the researcher is Assit. Prof., and 65 thousand dinars if the researcher is Prof.). It is worth to mention that the maximum number of papers in one article is 10 pages and the researcher has to pay the amount of (25 thousand Iraqi dinars) for each additional page.

10.  If the result of the reviewing is that the submitted research is a (research note), DJES will inform the researcher to take his opinion to continue the publication process or stop it.

11. DJES publishes the Review Articles if the reviewers find the required scientific material in it

12. The researcher can publish two articles in the issue of DJES as a maximum. Other article will be transferred to the next issue

13.  Article paragraphs:

A - The title of the article, where abbreviations may not be placed  and not more than 16 words.

B - Names of researchers and their affiliations, address and e - mail

C- Abstract includes the idea of research, method of work and the most important results. It does not exceed 200 words.

D- Keywords

E- Introduction

F- Materials

G-Methods of work

H- The results

I- Discussion

J-Thanks and appreciation

K-References are written according to the writing template of DJES. References should not be less than 15 references and preferably not more than 40 except in the necessary cases. It is also preferred to be from the year 2000 AD and upwards.

14. Some documents of DJES can be found here:

a) Submission form.

b) Revision form.

c) Acceptance letter.

d) Rejection letter.

e) Writing template.


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